The pipingHMI toolkit for SCADA

      "TPipingHMI" is an automation interface viewer and a fast editor. Provides the original means to speed up the design of the piping mimic diagrams and make them more "intelligent".  "TPipingHMI" is a remote HTML client: the data exchange is made on the base of HTTP , MQTT over Websocket protocols and the REST functions. [Download evaluation version for Windows 10]      Dowload "TPipingHMI" for Android from Amazon]

The pipingHMI toolkit includes the software :

      1. Piping HMI Editor "pipingLinker" . Is used to create "pipingMap" CSV file containing description of a piping mimic diagram.

      2. HMI to XML Intouch converter "pipingXML". Converts pipingMap.csv file into XML file, which is used to import the mimic diagram into Wonderware InTouch.

      3. Recipe State Machine "DemoSequencer". "DemoSequenser" includes in itself State Machine module and Recipe Configuration module. With the included Formatters it takes the minutes to make a procedure with the required batch steps and use it as a phase in the embedded State Machine.

      4. HMI mirroring simulation "pipingHMISim".It "mirroring" pipingMap csv file into the simulation of the piping system. It can be used with demoSequencer to debug your batch process.

      5. Piping TI_TO Achestra symbols. A toolset of ArchestrA symbols "pipingHMI_TI_TO_set", is designed to automate a coloring of the piping mimic diagrams.

      6. HMI to XAML converter . Converts pipingMap.csv file into XAML file. Can be used to show the mimic diagram into any WPF container, for example, in MS Internet Explorer.