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Animation of the pipeline mimics , and some other matters....

    2017. Aug. 02.    

"SQLite is enabled for the charts data of "TPipingHMI"
"Presentation Mode is enabled for HMI."

    Use "Presentation Mode" under commissioning and in time of a presentation of the capabilities of your control system.

Download the evaluation copy.

    2016. Dec. 03.    

"The New Timeline Chart" in TPipingHMI

    The timeline chart presents data by the rectangular horizontal bars with the lengths proportional to the time periods of some activity, and the colors, corresponding to to the processed materials.

    The timeline chart below is used to represent the periods of supplying of different liquids from the supply lines of a CIP station and the periods of the conditioning of these liquids. So it gives the basis for the calculations of some KPI of the equipment.


    You can save the timeline data into a local file and then output them in a table view.


   Configuration of this timeline chart is made in "TPipingHMI" just by the few mouse clicks.

    2016. Jul.28    

"TPipingHMI" for Android

    "TIppingHMI" app successfully passed the tests on the devices with Android OS.

    2016. Febr.12    

With Internet of Things

    “TPipingHMI” app - mimic diagram designer and viewer compiled in accordance with "Internet of Things" conception made his way through the certification of Windows Store . “TPipingHMI” can be used for the DIY automation. With it you can watch on a tablet the mimic diagrams of your facilities from everywhere.

    “TPipingHMI” contains a set of the graphic symbols with built in ability to connect each other. The data exchange with the external sources is performed on the base of HTTP and WebSockets protocols with REST functions. There are built in means for the use of Google Spreadsheet as an intermediate layer for data exchange, and the means for the data exchange with the microcomputer "RaspberryPI 2".

    "TPipingHMI" app is based on the same coloring algorithm which is implemented in the scripts for "ArchestrA" symbols (the note from 2014.Nov.11 below). So it is possible to test the "look and feel" of this approach with a lightweight simulation in "TPipingHMI" app.



With Connection Points

    The connection points plus TiTo set of ArchestrA symbols are not only new elements for an operator interface, here is a new approach to produce HMI with the interconnected elements. The connection points allow to adjust the symbols position on screen without the disturbing of your mimic diagram integrity. Now it is much easy to use the TiTo piping templates with the predefined fragments of the mimic diagrams. Put a template on your screen and adjust it as in this mimic diagram is required - all interconnections are safe.

    In turn TiTo interconnected pipelines provide for the pipelines the automatic transition of the material indexes, which then converted into colors by Action Table. So now experienced operator can evaluate the state of the pipeline system as a whole, rather than observe the scattered state of a number of valves and pumps to be combined into a single entity in his imagination

Connection Points usage Example On YouTube


Animation of the pipeline mimics with WPF/XAML.

    In accordance with the algorithm, described below, the color indexes are transmitted from element to element with the aid of the local InTouch variables. But WPF provides ability to make interconnection between elements with the aid of dependency properties,
read more ...


Animation of the pipeline mimics using ArchestrA graphics.

   On the pages of this site the methods for coloring pipelines using "intelligent" pipes are already presented. These methods are based on the .Net components from the library "pipingHMI". The difficulties arising from the use of the .Net components in ArchestrA graphics are well described on the site www.everdyn.com:
   In addition, the modern view of company Wonderware on operator interfaces requires simplicity. The colorful, eye-catching mimic diagrams are in the past. This trend is visible even in the new interfaces of the gadgets iPhone and iPad, and more importantly in this case, literally dictated by the strict style of new library of graphic symbols "ArchestrA Situational Awareness".
Actually, the library "piping HMI" by beauty never boasted, read more ...


Use demoSequencer to demonstrate the advantages of your Batch Solution.

    If you earn a living as a system integrator, maybe you come across a case where the flawless, brilliant, almost at the state of art presentation did not fire. And your potential customer for some reason was not inspired by the undeniable advantages, which he could use in case of acquisition of the Brand Name software you are so devoted to.

In this case,may be, could help demonstration of your program on not artificial, but real-world examples. If you work with recipe based software read more ...